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Version: 2.0.0

Running client stats to collect process metrics

Alpha testing

This functionality is in its early stage alpha testing and may not be fully functional at this time.

This section provides instructions on how to run the client-stats cli utility to collect metrics from your prysm validator or beacon node processes and push them to the stats service.

Why is this a separate process?#

In order to ensure that running client-stats is an intentional action on the part of the user, we have chosen to break it out into a separate executable that needs to be run on its own. It can be run on the same host as the validator and/or beacon-node, or on a separate host with access to the remote host ip and port.

Do not run a second validator

You need to run the client-stats executable, not another instance of validator. You could get yourself slashed if running a second instance of validator.


The client-stats collection endpoint is authenticated via an api key embedded in the server url path. A unique identifier for the machine name can also be added to the path. When you configure your account with they will give you the api key, simply replace {apikey} in the example commands below. If you do not wish to use the machine name feature, that part of the path can simply be excluded. For example, to specify a machine name:{apikey}/{machineName}

Or without the machine name:{apikey}

Running client-stats#

To collect metrics from your validator node, assuming that your validator is running on localhost:

client-stats --validator-metrics-url=http://localhost:8081/metrics --clientstats-api-url={apikey}/{machineName}

To collect metrics from your beacon node, also assuming that the beacon node is running on localhost:

client-stats --beacon-node-metrics-url=http://localhost:8080/metrics --clientstats-api-url={apikey}/{machineName}

To collect metrics from both, also assuming that the validator and beacon node are running on localhost:

client-stats --validator-metrics-url=http://localhost:8081/metrics --beacon-node-metrics-url=http://localhost:8080/metrics --clientstats-api-url={apikey}/{machineName}

To run client-stats from or prysm.bat, while adjusting the parameters to client-stats as per the above: client-stats --validator-metrics-url=http://localhost:8081/metrics --beacon-node-metrics-url=http://localhost:8080/metrics --clientstats-api-url={apikey}/{machineName}


prysm.bat client-stats --validator-metrics-url=http://localhost:8081/metrics --beacon-node-metrics-url=http://localhost:8080/metrics --clientstats-api-url={apikey}/{machineName}

If you see an error message that "PROCESS can be beacon-chain, validator, or slasher.", you need to manually update the or prysm.bat file to its latest version, see download instructions.

What metrics does client-stats collect?

To get a detailed picture of exactly what client-stats collects, try running the commands without a --clientstats-api-url argument. In this "debug" mode, client-stats will print the json messages to stdout, so you can look at exactly what data would be sent to the remote server.