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This page is deprecated and no longer maintained. It may not have accurate information.

This page serves material that is necessary to catch up with the current state of ETH2 development, and equips readers with the knowledge required to begin making meaningful contributions to the Prysm project. Whether you are an expert on all things Ethereum or are new to the blockchain world entirely, there are appropriate resources here that will help you get up to speed swiftly.

Blockchain and Ethereum basics

Blockchain fundamentals

Ethereum fundamentals


Smart Contracts, dApps, and cryptoeconomics

Peer-to-peer networking

Ethereum Virtual Machine

Ethereum-flavoured WebAssembly

Ethereum client implementations

  • Geth (known also as go-ethereum) is the Golang implementation of ETH1
  • Parity the fastest and most performant implementation - written in Rust
  • Trinity new project implements Ethereum in Python
  • Cpp-Ethereum a C++ implementation of Ethereum

Sharding in Ethereum

This section covers the minimum sharding knowledge requirements for both Prysm's part-time and core contributors.

For part-time contributors

For core contributors

After reading the sharding material for part-time contributors, it is important to also understand the implementation notes and research that went into developing it.

Serenity concepts

Serenity research posts

Serenity-related conference talks

Getting to know Golang