Keeping Prysm updated

This section outlines the step-by-step process for how to keep Prysm up to date along with security recommendations for stakers regarding updates.

Installing Prysm

There are three main ways of installing Prysm:

Recommended versions

Regardless of your installation method, we always recommend you are running the latest version in our releases page on Github, specified in semver format such as v1.0.0-beta.1. You can check your Prysm version by running your beacon node or validator with the --version flag. For example, if using to run the beacon node, you would run: beacon-chain --version
Always Run a Stable Release

If you are running docker or building from source, we never recommend running from the :latest docker tag nor the master branch of Prysm. we always recommend using :stable if running Docker, or using a specific version tag from our latest releases. Likewise for Bazel, we recommend doing a git checkout COMMIT_HASH where COMMIT_HASH is for our latest release version

How to subscribe for updates

Prysm has two official channels for release updates: our Discord and our mailing list. All releases will be notified via those channels, and we always recommend reading our release notes on Github in case there are breaking changes to running a node. Our team avoids breaking changes whenever possible, and we will make it clear in our release notes or in releases ahead of time that breaking changes are coming.

How to securely update Prysm

Using the Prysm installation script

If you are running, all it takes to upgrade to the latest release is to stop your beacon node and validator with ctrl+c (wait for the process to close down gracefully, do not spam ctrl+c). Then, restart it with the same command you used to start the process. The script will automatically downloaded our latest release for you.

Using Docker

To update your Prysm with Docker, we recommend just pulling our :stable tag, which will always point to our latest release.

docker pull
docker pull

Using Bazel

To run our latest release with Bazel, you can look up our releases page, look at the commit hash of the latest release, then do git checkout COMMIT_HASH. Afterwards, you can re-run your beacon chain and validator as you ran them earlier with Bazel.