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Use Prysm v2.1.4-rc.0 to Merge-test Goerli-Prater

Prysm v2.1.4-rc.0 can be used to run a node on Goerli-Prater using Merge-ready configuration. If you'd like to Merge-test the Goerli-Prater network pair, use either of the following guides to configure your node (and optionally, your validator):

Keep the following checklist in mind:

  • Ensure that you're using a network-compatible version of your execution client: You may need to use a prerelease version of execution client software if you want to Merge-test on the Goerli-Prater network pair. Execution client guidance is available here, though we recommend referring to your execution client software documentation for the latest guidance.
  • Tell Prysm to use the release candidate: Before invoking (Linux) or prysm.bat (Windows), use set USE_PRYSM_VERSION=v2.1.4-rc.0 to ensure that Prysm uses the release candidate.
  • Verify your version: Verify that Prysm is using the v2.1.4-rc.0 release candidate by issuing the following command: beacon-chain --version (Linux) prysm.bat beacon-chain --version (Windows).
  • Configure JWT: Ensure that both your execution node and beacon node are configured to use JWT authentication. These instructions are included in both of the above-linked documents, and are also available here: Configure JWT.
  • (Power users) Review the Ethereum Launchpad's Merge config checklist.