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Version: 2.1.0

Exiting a validator

Performing a voluntary exit#

Exiting one or more validator accounts is possible in Prysm via the command line, but you will need to have a running beacon node for the voluntary exit to be submitted and broadcast to the network.

At first, a prompt will be displayed, asking to select one or more validator accounts that should be exited.


This step can be skipped by providing the --public-keys flag to the command.

After completing the selection, an additional conformation step will be presented, which requires entering a specific passphrase to continue. The purpose of this extra security measure is to ensure that a complete understanding of the consequences of performing a voluntary exit on a validator. Entering the correct passphrase will initiate the exit process by submitting a voluntary exit request.


The validator client needs to establish a connection with a running beacon node in order to be able to submit a voluntary exit request. By default, it will try to access a node running on There are several flags that can be used to modify the connection parameters.

All available command line flags can be inspected with ./ validator accounts voluntary-exit --help.


./ validator accounts voluntary-exit

Using Docker

docker run -it -v $HOME/Eth2Validators/prysm-wallet-v2:/wallet \ \  accounts voluntary-exit --wallet-dir=/wallet

Using Bazel

bazel run //validator --config=release -- accounts voluntary-exit

Withdrawal delay warning#

One of the main design decisions of the Ethereum 2 project is performing the roll-out of the system over several phases. This decision has a serious impact on voluntary exits. Even though validators are able to perform an exit in Phase 0 and Phase 1, they will have to wait until Phase 2 to be able to withdraw. This means their staked funds will be frozen until withdrawals are available, which should be around 2 years after Mainnet launch.


It is important to note that ONE CANNOT WITHDRAW their staked ETH until Phase 2 of the system. In order to perform a voluntary exit, you will need to enter the following words when using accounts voluntary-exit: Exit my validator.