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Use prysmctl

prysmctl is a command-line utility for common and one-off Ethereum proof-of-stake tasks, like helping users with validator exits or withdrawals. Most prysmctl commands require access to a fully synced beacon node.

Run via binaries#

Binaries for the latest prysmctl tool can be found on the latest prysm release page. Each binary is a unique version with its own set of features. New releases may include new features for prysmctl that will need to be downloaded separately.

The binaries can be run through a terminal directly and won't need installation. Please refer to the list commands section for additional information.

Install via source#


  • Bazelisk¬†- this will automatically manage the version of¬†Bazel¬†required.
  • golang installed
  • The¬†cmake¬†package installed
  • The¬†git¬†package installed
  • libssl-dev¬†installed
  • libgmp-dev¬†installed
  • libtinfo5¬†installed
  • libprotoc¬†version 3.14 installed

Install Bazelisk#

Windows users should run through binaries as some users may have issues building through bazel. 

Bazelisk is a launcher for Bazel which automatically downloads and installs the version of Bazel that you need. There are several ways to install Bazelisk:

  • Using¬†a binary release¬†for Linux, macOS, or Windows
  • Using npm:¬†npm install -g @bazel/bazelisk
  • Using Homebrew on macOS:¬†brew install bazelisk
  • By compiling from source using Go:¬†go install

Clone the Prysm project locally#

Clone Prysm's main repository. Switch to the latest version (the latest version number can be found on the releases page). Once cloned, enter the directory:

git clone && cd prysm

Build prysmctl#

bazel build //cmd/prysmctl --config=release

Bazel will automatically pull and install any dependencies as well, including Go and necessary compilers.

List commands#

./prysmctl --help

Using Docker

docker run -it --help

The ‚ÄĒhelp flag will provide a list of commands, subcommands, and flags to use.

Commands can also be found in our Prysm parameter documentation

Frequently asked questions#

Q: One of the Prysm guides tells me to use a prysmctl command that isn't available. What do I do?

A: You may be using an older version of prysmctl and are required to download a newer version.

Q: Is prysmctl accessible from, prysm.s1, or prysm.bat?

A: No. This utility will only be accessible by building from source or by downloading binaries for specific versions of Prysm.