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Prysm Ethereum Client Documentation

What is Prysm?#

The Prysm project is a full-featured implementation for the Ethereum proof-of-stake network written entirely in the Go programming language. Created by Prysmatic Labs, Prysm implements the official Ethereum consensus specification, which is the product of an ongoing collective research and development effort by various teams across the Ethereum ecosystem including the Ethereum Foundation.

This documentation#

This manual is aimed at developers interested in participating in Ethereum consensus, which involves locking up a 32 ETH deposit to vote and produce blocks using our software. For more detailed information on the most recent research developments and understanding what Ethereum consensus is, it is recommended to review the official Ethereum consensus specification repository.


Prysm has two official channels for release updates: our Discord and our mailing list. All releases will be notified via those channels.

Staking in Ethereum#

To participate in the Ethereum network as a validator in proof-of-stake, read our comprehensive guidelines here.

Need assistance?#

If you have questions about this documentation, feel free to stop by either the Prysmatic Discord's #documentation channel and a member of the team or our community will be happy to assist you.